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Saturday, December 31, 2011


(This is Andrew Walsh, Coelho asked me to write for him what happened.) Yesterday i went to his house to visit him and his family. We went to Walmart, it is like Disney-land for Christians, prayed for a ladies sternum, she said she cracked it. She was on pain medication so she said she wouldn't know if she was healed on the spot.

Today we went to Lolas supermarket. Coelho wants to clean his carpets, so in the parking lot he found a brand new bottle of carpet cleaner :D We walked inside and prayed for a man with a cane. He had a pinched nerve on his back. After Coelho prayed for him he was able to walk without a cane. Later found out his wife had cancer. So while Coelho commanded the cancer to leave her body i asked the man if there was anymore pain. So we commanded the rest of the pain to leave his back, and he was 100% healed. After Coelho was done praying for the wife, she said she felt a fire, or a heat, where the cancer was. Coelho was commanding the cancer to burn up in Jesus name.

After we walked back to the car we saw the man and his wife again. I grabbed the chair Coelho had in the back of his car. We sat the man down and found out a leg was shorter than the other one. About an inch shorter in length. Coelho said "grow" and it did :D So now both his legs are even in length. He felt a difference when he stood up and walked!


On the way back to his house we went to dominos to pick up pizza for us and his family. There we saw a lady ordering. she began to share about all her pains and that she had cancer. After over hearing, Coelho talked to her and kicked the cancer off her. She said she felt a tightness in her neck where the cancer was. She also said she felt a heat too. While we waited for our pizza i got to listen to her story and whats she is going through and i spoke hope into her life and what Jesus can do for her.


Then we came home for lunch. The phone began to ring. It was a couple, they were friends of the other couple we ministered to in Lola's supermarket. They recommended us to a friend (This is how you know it works, when people recommend you to people they love.)

When they called us we met up with them. At first they thought we were witch doctors. "Curandeiros" They are Spanish speaking. We told them we are Christians.

When we went there we asked them what happened. The man had a really bad pain that went down from the back of his leg, and into his foot. He couldn't walk without a lot of pain.

Then Coelho heard in his head. "This is not going to happen". Then Coelho told me to pray for him.

After 2-3 times he was completely healed. He became full of joy when he could move and bend his foot.

This is the gospel, that we can bring freedom because Jesus suffered so they dont have to. That we can tell a man who could not walk, "your free, you can walk again, with no more pain".

After his leg was healed, he shared with us that he also had prostate cancer. Coelho began to pray for him and he said he felt a burning inside him and his back. Then we gave them a bible to them and Coelho explained the gospel and Jesus. They both had a catholic background, and they received Jesus and were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Win all the time!!!
We are more than conquers through christ. Romans 8:37
Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Helo brothers and sisters long time i not post , basic lot happen on this time
since we come back from Power and Love school on South Ca i been very active

i mean gone all most every day, visiting hospitals streets and loving people.
Also i take little be time to be with my family is very important that,we had
Brandon Allen with us here about week reach streets and enjoying love people
with very successful results people got healed,set free and come to the kingdom.I have posted many videos on my youtube account you can see little be what happen here on this time you can go there and see

i want let this short note here to thanks everyone help me during this year with donations, prayer and words, you are encouragement to me to keep going on this ministry of love .
there is difficulty but there is "Grace" and our Father in Heaven is faithfully
and provide us on every situation i am very thankful for the family in Christ
i have. I mean ,you!! what you did for me is sign of believe on what God doing on my life and on my answer to the call He made to me, i wish you a Merry Christmas and wonderful time with your family or friends. Thank you so much, love you. In Christ all things is possible .
For this next year come there is upgrade on the minister plans and agenda to teach become intense please pray for us , Jesus win all the time
This pictures you seeing here is last Sunday with Nathan Touchstone.He start this minister to feed the poor i come to support and when i can, i mean available, i be on that helping, thanks Nathan to invitation God bless what you doing .
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

by Jose Coelho on Wednesday, 7 December 2011 at 09:27

What make you keep going on your journey? Even if you need confront with your difficulties.

Love unconditional,this here is some explosion of my feelings ,I not walk by felling i walk by faith

but what about those around me ?
Did i stop to think on then not I am not, yes is my decision to be full time ministry is serious thing and i not shrink back , during 11 months only me and my Family know what we pass every month is challenge to pay our rent , i not talking about other thing we have and need to live i am not live alone i have wife and two teenagers i work yes i do when i have time to do on my garage i fix motorcycles but on first place to me is minister.
Basic i paying to go with out have and now i look my situation i have 7 days late on my rent not paid yea because i live by faith .Yes i do, but my landlord not and maybe sometimes my family hurt thenself to support this i writing this note because some people i know think is game, i tell you is not, is real and bills not wait i still live by faith what i gone do well look for solution i not want be somebody that live under brothers sacrifice to live.I want keep doing the gospel , church lol that institution not give me any support , i not play instruments and make nice music to Sunday morning show ,but i do walk with prostitutes,homeless ,hospitals drunks and addictions people receiving than on my house discipleship loving then and doing the gospel and teach what i have learn with the Lord, i not do movement, i move because i understand that is the gospel i want thank you brother and sister that help me before and make me come until this phase of my journey, is not easy but is lovely and i trust on our Father on Heaven ,by the way
i had receive emails before of somebody telling me i not need ask for help because if do that i make the image of the Christ and body bad ,well there is the fact i need pay my rent and keep going on do what i do and grow more until not need any help ,or stop that call and go work with out any time to minister because were i work before i can't minister, but i did anyways, is time to me to rethink what i gone do because i have fact on my face and i need fix i write this to you see on background my life i not have month support i not have any church supporting me, even they say before i want, that not happen for now .
Let me be clear here i love the church i not have anything against the church .

I being real here so merry Christmas ,

love you Jose Coelho
Tuesday, December 6, 2011
We had great time there with big numbers of healing and learning time, also make new friends, is on the journey .
Several good teach from Dan Mohler ,Todd Withe, Bob Hazlet and Tom Rutoulo.
We Brandon lee and me had opportunity of have lunch with some those leaders
were we have conversations about minister and how be more effective on deal with people loving then according our Father in heaven.
I want thanks for those cooperate with us some gave hotel room some hand money some gave gas some gave food is amazing see the body loving you and vice verse
well is on our Journey be humble and learn from each other too, good lessons even if they not looks easy to listen.
Our father is so faithful and good to make things work for good with out our limitations.
Is great experience we saw there we had one lady healed from truck accident she recovery her eye sight and her ear also her knee miraculous on the parking loot of super market less of 5 minutes we just touch her and she start cry we saw the power of God manifest on her beautiful.
We had inumerous healing there if i write here is gone be all day but just updating
for you guys we had very positive time with is gone be increasing in our knowledge of this amazing Father we have the one create the heavens and earth manifested in His son Jesus Christ .
There is some fruit of that week on videos you can check on my YouTube account clicking on the left side of my wall thanks again God bless you much love in Him . we live to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by faith