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Friday, May 20, 2011
Come on Jesus win all the time yesterday we have awesome time knocking at doors and healing people inviting then to come at meeting Sunday night i have couple testimony's we divide the group and walk two by two just way Jesus say to go well me and Savio chose on part of the city also Pete,Nathan,Jaren Brother Roof Jerry chose other part of the city so Savio and me reach first one gas station i want buy some water wen i come to the cashier i ask she do you have pain in your body?She say not i look at her and say you have i know that don't lie to me come on!She look at me with weird face yes i broke my ankle before and never stop hurt i say watch this i got one pencil on desk and pray in Jesus name who touch this pencil be healed and give to her wen she got the pencil i say you healed.She look at me wow my ankle is hot and i have not pain wow i told Jesus just touch you now and open door for me preach little be,i turn to her friend and ask what about you ?She say i am ok i ask you ok with back pain ?She say wow how you know this is crazy? I told Her Jesus live in me and he really like you watch this i speak and point my finger to her Fire she say wow my back burning and i have not more pain lol i just make Harry pother jealous because this is real Jesus win.
we left the gas station and start knock doors Savio on side of the street i am other side i saw couple walking with one baby on stroller i stop then and start talk to then and give to the young man one flayer so He say dude you talking different of others Christians i see before you wearing normal shirt and jeans i like looks like Jesus simplicity humm.I ask his young wife did your back is in pain? She say how you know? I told Her watch this i point my finger to her and say fire now she jump little be and say wow my back burning and not pain wow wow also i ask Her you struggle with sinus problem and allergies she say yessss i i going touch you head is ok ?She say yes i command that to go she told her husband this is real i am healed wow He told we be there dude i just have hear about on the Bible now i see wow Jesus win again so we walk more knocking on doors Savio healing one side i am on other and other team on other place,so i knock on door the man talking to me behind door He is on nice chair looks electric but He not want i pray and told me he is atheist if that not means something for me ? I say well means Jesus God believe in i can prove He send His son Jesus exactly for you be healed he look at me and say you are different i can see hummm he no let me come inside his house but i leave him the invitation for the meeting.
Walking more savio Knocking on somebody door and lady invite us to come inside and pray for Her baby born with liquid on brain we did he open his eyes so let see i want back there continuing knocking on doors the last house of the street one lady come with big beautiful dog i love dogs so i play with Her dog and she talk with us she looks kind new age and she confess she have pain artrites on her body i ask if i can heal her she say yes i command that to go in Jesus name she say well comes and go i told not comes just go now she got healed and i really believe she come so there is lot more i can't describe all but i hear about Pete heal one more lady and she ask Him if he is witch He say not I am Jesus follower.
Today morning i reach streets with Nathan the others from the group went to record one movie Pete producing awesome stuff,so we are at Mac Donald eating something i notice one man with some stuff on His wrist i talking to Him he say wen He lift something He have pain i told Him watch this i hold His hand and pray He say He need test later but His back hurt i told watch this fire His back burning and He got healed,also His wife come and He ask me to pray for Her she had swollen hand and arm i hold her hands and pray i notice the swollen come down she felt good.
So continuing talk to then i ask Him if He know Jesus He confess to me He is skeptical but now humm i ask you want know Jesus He say yes i waiting for this He invite Jesus in His heart surrender to the Lord and i see in His eyes He crying little be His wife every scripture i say wen i preach the gospel for Him she knows.Its one advise to us never stop to pray to those you love to know Jesus i saw with eyes today that become real in one family. we walking more and did more stuff of the Kingdom i going keep updating its a lot happen some i can't post wen lots going here now Jesus win all the time JESUS IN US IS HOPE OF GLORY