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Thursday, May 19, 2011
Hi just litle update on what hapen here since i land at Wichita i meet Pete Cabrera jr,BrotherRoof and Jaren Barnes.
Well they receive us me and Savio like kings great reception we have lunch at great burger restaurant i like and the we drive about 2 hours to Great Bend to me is such honor this bothers did this just to have us on his city and house i am felling honored thanks God for brothers in Christ.
On the first day Pete introduce us to His awesome family and the team of Kitchen soup also great job they doing here on feed people also He take care of help people and help on finances not only teaching how they can go after problems but give money too to those really need and show the situation and off course heal then if need and share the gospel bring then back to God and find church to fellowship>
So for me this time here i listen and looking how the kingdom work manifest here
there is some in my heart i know God bring me her to show me on that area how i can do,we have great time out reach on 3 days out knock on doors healing people and bring the gospel also inviting the to healing service at Sunday night i be speaking with Pete on that.
God is so good and all things He do come for good some teen we reach wen we knock on doors got healed and set free and invite Jesus on they life they gone be baptized Sunday night Jesus win all the time also those kids wen we reach then are hig in cocaine and got sober instantaneous sober after we lay hands on then hug and share the gospel guess what they want come with us also on afternoon two of then come at Pete house we come at Kitchen soup were He minister and both got healed and save so just let on what happen here o this days on the houses we knock people got healed so let see there more some days forward to go Jesus win all the time.

This is when the trip first started in Kansas.